What CSS Mattresses are Adjustable Bed Friendly?

Here at Comfort Sleep Systems, many of our mattresses are adjustable bed friendly. What does that mean? It means that YOU get to select which mattress you like and pair it with which adjustable base you like. Why do we do this? It helps keep you in the drivers seat and in control of what you want and need. A CSS consultant will guide you throughout the process.

List of Comfort Sleep Systems Mattresses Adjustable Bed Ready:

  • Outrageous Series
  • Ultra Performance Series
  • Tranquility
  • Blue Heaven Series
  • Blue Heaven II
  • Sonno
  • Azure
  • Posture Foam
  • Comfort-Pedic
  • Hy’Bed
  • Cloud9 Foam
  • Beauty Sleep
  • Beautiful by Pure Latex Bliss
  • Nature by Pure Latex Bliss
  • Pamper by Pure Latex Bliss
  • Worlds best by Pure Latex Bliss
  • Nutrition by Pure Latex Bliss
  • And more!
We offer a wide variety of adjustable bed bases. Visit our adjustable beds page on our website for up to date information.

We are always making new designs and mattresses. If you do not see your CSS mattress in this list, ask us about it! We are happy to help!

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