5 Reasons to Choose a Talalay Latex Mattress

  1. Talalay is Healthy.The Talalay latex we use comes from Shelton, CT and is Oeko-Tek Certified. This certification verifies that the talalay latex does not contain harmful substances or pose a health risk to consumers. Very few latex manufacturers in the world meet these high standards.
  2. Talalay is good for the environment. Talalay Latex Rubber is made using an eco-friendly production method. The Talalay process features natural, biodegradable ingredients that come from renewable resources and water-based raw materials: natural latex, air and water. Latex is a rubber-based material that comes from the tropical hevea brasiliensis tree. These trees have a 25-year productive life and they have a strong effect on the environment as they quickly absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help reduce greenhouse emissions.
  3. Talalay is Hypoallergenic. Natural mold and mildew resistant. Dust mite resistant. Inherently antibacterial and antifungal.
  4. Talalay is Breathable. Talalay mattresses and pillows breathe up to 7 times better than other latex or foam products, allowing for a cooler sleep. Many mattresses and pillows are made of materials that don’t allow your body heat to dissipate, which can interrupt sleep. Talalay Latex rubber has a breathable design and cell structure that provides a temperature neutral environment
  5. Made in the USA. All of the Talalay Latex we use is manufactured by Talalay Global (formerly Latex International) in Shelton, CT, USA

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