All about the Comfort Core

Some of our mattresses at Comfort Sleep Systems utilize the Comfort Core Coil System by Leggett and Platt. These all USA Made coils are fabric encased steel to deliver superior support and comfort.

Advantages of L&P Comfort Core Technology

  • Minimized motion disturbance. Tossing and turning doesn’t have to be a shared experience. With each coil flexing independently of the others, Comfort Core diminishes the disturbance caused by a partner moving.
  • Superior core support. As soon as you curl up on a mattress with Comfort Core, you will experience immediate comfort and softness delivered from the top of the coil. Yet, pleasantly surprised by the firm and responsive support originating from the coil’s bottom section.
  • Unbelievable conformability. The Comfort Cores definitely have a sensitive side. They literally conform to the unique contours of a person’s body and react intelligently to them – adjusting instantly to individual sleep movements.
Try out our mattresses that use the Comfort Core technology in our factory showroom!

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