Tips for Sleeping during the Holidays

Between Holidays parties, shopping, family get togethers, the Holidays can leave us a little stressed and stretched on time. However, it is so important not to neglect your sleep! By sleeping the recommended 8 hours per night can help.

  1. Try to take some afternoon siestas! Getting a little afternoon nap in can help if your bedtime schedule is interrupted from holiday parties.
  2. Keep a regular sleep schedule. This may be hard during the holidays, but try and go to bed and wake up around the same time every day.
  3. Relax before bed. Deep breathing exercises, reading, light yoga, soothing bath, are some helpful suggestions for relaxing before bed.
  4. Make lists. Many of us reflect on the day and days ahead while getting into bed at night. Make a list so you won’t forget what you need to do.
  5. Remember to UNPLUG. Starring a phone screen, computer screen, or the television can hinder your sleep.

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